Intermediate Care Service in Hartlepool

Westview Lodge Care Home is working with Hartlepool Borough Council, in collaboration with the Hartlepool Primary Care Trust, in the provision of a rehabilitation and transitional care service through the block purchase of 20 beds in a designated unit within the home.

The service is available to all adults over the age of 18 and is inclusive of older people with a dementia. The service targets people who would otherwise face unnecessarily prolonged hospital stays, inappropriate hospital admission or long term residential care. The unit comprises of 12 transitional beds and 8 rehabilitation beds.


  • Improvement in being able to undertake daily living functions
  • Improvement in undertaking the ability to self care
  • Improvement in physical functioning and mobility function
  • Improvement in confidence and independence in own home
  • Improvement in health or the capacity to sustain health – both mental health and physical health
  • Enabling Service Users to improve their independence and quality of life
  • Enabling Service Users to maintain a positive, active and productive approach to their lives.

Within the last 3 months Westview Lodge have taken 26 admissions, the average length of stay within that period was 23 days and 4 people re-admitted to hospital.

More information about the intermediate care service that we provide can be found on our website.

Date published: 15 September 2017

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