Hallgarth's words of wisdom

The residents of Hallgarth Care Home in County Durham decided to get together over a cuppa and share a few words of wisdom to help us through the current situation:

We are survivors and have been here before,

We have fought our own battles, lost family to war.

We scrimped and we saved, lived on just what we had,

We shared with our neighbours, when times got too bad.

We made nappies from sheets, old clothes into new,

We lived just on rations, but we always made do.       

Because we helped one another and shared what we had,

We laughed at the good times, stood strong through the bad.

So be kind, help each other, pull together, share not take,

And we will come through this of the best we can make.

But there is one thing that got us all, through it all, 

It's simple, it's warming, it's a friend to us all. 

So put on that kettle, make a nice cup of tea, 

It washes away worries and it helps us to see. 

That the sun is still shining, and a new day is here, 

And we will get through all this, with a cup of good cheer. 


Date published: 23 March 2020

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