Beach Ballroom welcomes tea dancers

The Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen hosted a lovely tea dance which was attended by elderly people from across the community. The event run by Aberdeen City Council’s Wellbeing Group was very well attended.

Four of the attendees were Mabel, Margaret, Sandra and Eve, the lovely ladies from Laurels Lodge Care Home in Woodside. They all enjoyed themselves, taking their turns on the dance floor.

Sandra’s memory was jolted and she said: “oh how I enjoyed dancing here on a Saturday night.”

The Aberdeen Beach Ballroom was very famous to our residents as this is the place where they used to go to for a dance and party on a weekend and most of them met their husbands and wives there. Margaret showed her talent in dancing the foxtrot. Mabel turned her chair so she could watch all the dancers and was very thankful for the chance to visit the ballroom again.

Sheila Gesma, Home Manager, said: “Being a part of the Aberdeen City Council Wellbeing Group has opened lots of opportunities for our residents to go out and be involved in the community. It’s great to see our ladies having a nice time at the beach ballroom and reminiscing. Many thanks to Marlene (Personal Activities Leader) and Jenny (Care Assistant) for accompanying the ladies at the tea dance.”

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Date published: 18 December 2017

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